About Kyle Wood

About Kyle Wood

Kyle Wood was born Sept 9, 1986 in a rural community of Delta. He’s always happiest when outdoors hiking and exploring. Anything to do with nature makes him feel at peace.

He developed a love of poetry at a young age, and at age 7 he started writing short little poems.

Kyle graduated an adult education course in Kingston, Ontario for personal support work, but after realizing that was not his calling he took on a new adventure. He moved to a remote Arctic Inuit village in Kuujjuaq, Quebec where he took a job working for Northwest Company. He met his wife there and they were married there. 

A year later they found out they were expecting their first child, but they worried about the health care system so Kyle took a leave of absence to move closer to family and a hospital. And in the summer of 2013 their beautiful son was born. The bond was instant. After 2 months making sure his wife and son were healthy he went back to the company. But they had no position for him in Kuujjuaq so he and his family moved to Inuvik, and another adventure began. Twenty four hours of darkness was a bit of an adjustment. Eventually he was able to get back to Kuujjuaq where his wife’s parents live, providing the benefit of having family near by for his son to grow up with. He and his wife have since separated but remain close friends who have chosen to co-parent. 

Those who have met Kyle would all say the same thing. He is a kind, shy, gentle soul. Kyle has struggled throughout his life with his own personal demons of anxiety and low self esteem. He decided to start writing again, finding peace in his poetry. The need for wanting to help others motivated him to write this book.To bring a smile to someone would truly be his biggest reward.

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